Sustainability is an intrinsic part of our business

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals close to our business and society’s transition towards carbon neutrality. Our company has joined the UN Global Compact.

Together with our customers and partners, our goal is to create safe and sustainable cities, residential colonies and infrastructure that take into account the environmental aspects and the potential of the circular economy.

Our goal is also to promote energy-efficient and low-emission innovations in construction and to promote responsible use of materials. An example of construction using energy-efficient innovations is our circular economy block concept.

As part of its environmental objectives, Solwers has also developed a digital EAGG remote control platform to monitor the environmental impact of projects virtually in real time, vibrations caused by excavation of the site site, dust values without dust values, noise values, changes in groundwater level, progression of work and transport routes of materials and masses

Social responsibility

Solwers invests in the well-being of its employees, preventing and preventing discrimination and promoting equality in their work communities.

We also want to take social responsibility internationally. We cooperate with the Church’s foreign aid and use donations to support children’s and young people’s schooling in developing countries.


Solwers operates openly and transparently in accordance with good governance and promoting the diversity of the work community. Our companies share the Code of Conduct principles. For the companies we own, we want to be an enabler of development and a long-term, committed owner and partner that supports the development opportunities of our employees. The specific expertise of Solwers’ Board members supports leadership in the field of digitalization and circular economy while ensuring the delivery of economic benefits to the company’s shareholders.

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