Solwers companies solved challenges of the harbour tunnel project

Solwers companies are involved in the planning of the Helsinki Harbor tunnel project. The harbor tunnel, extending from Jätkäsaari to the Western Highway, will have a visible impact on reducing harbor traffic in the city center.

Harbour tunnel
Harbour tunnel-Lapinlahti conceptual image: PES-Arkkitehdit Oy

Traffic to Tallinn will move from Katajanokka to Jätkäsaari in the early 2030s. By centralizing Tallinn’s passenger and freight traffic to Jätkäsaari, the South Harbor can be better utilized for the city residents’ use. The planned two-kilometer-long tunnel will direct freight traffic to the Western Highway, improving traffic safety and comfort in Jätkäsaari area.

Solwers companies Rockplan (Finnmap Infra Oy), Insinööritoimisto W. Zenner Oy ja Insinööritoimisto Pontek Oy are involved in the planning of the A-option, selected as a starting point for the zoning. It was found to best meet the land use goals of Helsinki, taking into account the needs of harbour traffic, schedule, costs, and feasibility. Furthermore, the planning assesses the environmental impacts of the tunnel, and innovative solutions ensure the living conditions of the flying squirrel and other endangered species in the Lapinlahti area.

Solwers companies have innovated, among other things, solutions for the operation of the tunnel, optimization of the tunnel levelling, implementation of the park area, crossing of the metro, and implementation solutions for a thin rock ceiling.

“We managed to solve several challenges related to the project, and the work can now continue. With high-quality planning, we succeeded in finding a first-class harbour tunnel solution in terms of trafficability and cost-saving implementation solutions,” says Matti Kalliomäki, Senior Vice President, Project Development at Finnmap Infra.

Next up is the zoning plan, which will be handled by the Helsinki Urban Environment Committee at the earliest in late 2024. The Helsinki City Council will decide on the plan in the fall of 2025.

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