Finnmap Infra to plan significant Haukipudas-Laurila railway project

Text: Jasmine Jussila

The project is part of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s Oulu-Laurila track renovation project, of which the Haukipudas-Laurila section covers three quarters. It is a strategic railway project for Northern Finland because there is no substitute route available.

Haukipudas railway Photo: Juhan Tyrväinen

Several investment projects have been initiated in Northern Finland affecting the number of freight trains. The smoothness of train traffic has a special significance for the security of supply in the Nordic countries. The train line continues from Oulu via Haukipudas to Laurila and further across the border to Sweden. In exceptional situation, cross-border rail transport can replace international sea transport.

The current state of the Haukipudas-Laurila track section requires renovation, and the main goals include securing operational reliability and the smoothness of deliveries, reducing operating costs and improving the service level.

“Achieving the emission targets requires further expansion of rail traffic.”

The Haukipudas-Laurila railway section, designed by Finnmap Infra, is a staggering 90 kilometres long, whereas renovation projects typically exceed a few kilometres.

“We have strong expertise in railway planning and the will to be involved in larger projects like this. Achieving the national emission targets requires a further increase in rail traffic,” says Project Manager Petri Niemi from Finnmap Infra.    

The design work is estimated to last until the end of 2025 and is worth around million euros. A core team of approximately 15 people will participate in the work from Finnmap Infra.

“Geotechnically, the project is challenging, as it includes several softlands and frost protection sites of up to 35 kilometres. We design track geometry, improve level crossing safety and track drainage,” Niemi lists.

There is also close cooperation with other companies involved. For example, Insinööritoimisto W. Zenner will carry out a noise study. Both companies are part of the Finnish Solwers Group.  

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