Lahti City Hall has improved functionality, comfort and accessibility

Architects Davidsson Tarkela Oy (aDT) planned the renovation of Lahti City Hall to meet today’s needs. With the extensive renovation completed in September 2023, Lahti City Hall has improved functionality, comfort and accessibility. The building has become an active part of the everyday life of the locals.

Designed by Eliel Saarinen, the city hall representing the late Art Nouveau style. Lahti City Hall was originally completed in 1912 is one of Lahti’s most significant buildings. It is listed as a valuable cultural environment and a nationally significant built cultural environment. In addition to the city administration, the building has previously housed the fire department, police department and prison cells, as well as a library. In the 1930s, an extension was built, which closed the yard on the south side of the building. After a large fire, the building was renovated and returned to its original colour in the 1980s.

aDT carried out a careful conservation work respecting the origin and cherishing the building history of different eras. The project was completed in cooperation with the authorities and the Finnish Heritage Agency. As new elements, the building got a covered courtyard and a new entrance under the tower. The size of the building is 5,315 m2.

The city of Lahti awarded aDT’s Jaana Tarkela and Aki Davidsson with an Apoli recognition for the meritorious repair and renovation project of Lahti City Hall.

“The planning of the renovation of the Lahti City Hall has been very honourable and the crowning glory of our career. Finland’s building stock has a relatively limited number of protected historically significant buildings, and this is definitely one of them.”
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