Arkman joins Lukkaroinen Architects

Solwers company Lukkaroinen Architects has acquired the entire share capital of Arkman Arkkitehtuuri Oy in a business transaction completed today. Arkman Arkitehtuuri, which operates in Kokkola, currently employs five people.

“The acquisition is part of our growth strategy and we see it strengthening our position, especially in the design of healthcare buildings, as well as increasing our foothold in Central Ostrobothnia and its surrounding areas. Together, we can serve our customers in demanding and versatile projects with the strength of more than 100 experienced designers”, says Mikko Lukkaroinen, CEO of Lukkaroinen Architects.

Arkman Arkkitehtuuri, founded in 2000, has a strong experience in master and architectural design. Their core competence is in the social healthcare sector. The company has long-term projects and partnerships and has done, for example, the renovation planning of Central Ostrobothnia’s central hospital throughout the company’s lifetime. At the moment, the office is planning a joint hospital emergency room and an intensive care unit. Arkman is also in the process of designing the Toholammi fire station, and a new building for the automotive and logistics sector was just completed at the Kokkola Vocational Campus.

“The operating possibilities of a small, five-person office are getting harder every year. Together with LukkaroinenArchitects, we are able to serve our customers in Kokkola and the surrounding areas even better and compete for interesting projects,” says CEO Jussi Mansikkamäki.

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