Christmas Donation

Bidibidi is the world’s second largest refugee settlement with some 250,000 refugees from South Sudan.

At the Yenga school there are some 1,400 students, majority of which are refugees. Part of the students come from local, low-income families. The students are 5-16 years old and the education has significance as an important promotor of wellbeing and protection for the children. The school offers children and families routines and a feeling of ordinary days of life. Once the child has experienced traumatic issues, like war and violence, it is possible for him or her to concentrate on something else at the school. It is crucial, that even during crisis, it is possible for children to go to school and daily life continues as normal as possible.

The FCA organizes training and education for teachers at the Yenga school and offers children also activities, like the parliament of children, argumentation club and different sports teams. A key part of the FCA work is to organize psycho-social support to the children who need it. FCA offers also special training for the teachers on that topic as well as on children’s rights.

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