Solwers starts developing a circular economy block in Helsinki

The Helsinki City Board has granted Solwers Plc a design reservation for developing a circular economy residential and office project in East Pasila, Helsinki. The purpose of the design reservation is to create the first residential and office block in Finland according to the principles of circular economy. The project serves as a reference area for Finnish circular economy solutions. The aim is to utilize the existing concrete frames of the building and possibly other building components.

Some of Solwers’ own premises will be located in the office building to be renovated. The design also explores the possibilities of new office construction and the renovation of an old dwelling building into loft apartments. The project is also based on the revitalization of the street space, especially on the Asemapäällikönkatu side, for example with small retail premises. Solwers has already launched the 3D modelling of the block.

The building is owned by Helsinki City (Heka). The office part of the block has been largely vacant.

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