Solwers Plc has published the Board of Directors' Report, Financial Statements, Auditor’s Report and Annual Review 2023

Solwers Plc, Company release, 28 March 2024, at 16.00 EET

Solwers Plc has published the 2023 Board of Director's Report, the Financial Statements and the Auditor’s Report in Finnish and English. In addition, a digital Annual Review has been published in Finnish and English.  

In the context of the Financial Statements, compared to unaudited Financial Statements Release published on March 11, 2024, adjustments are made in comprehensive Income Statement, grouping of equity components in the Balance Sheet, grouping of current and non-current liabilities in the Balance Sheet, comprehensive income items and the row: other changes in the Statement of Changes of Equity. Adjustments are non-material.

The material is attached in this release and can also be found at the Solwers website. The English material in and the Finnish in

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