Vision and Strategy


Solwers’ vision is to be the preferred partner for its customers in the visionary and sustainable design and engineering. The company’s goal is to continue to grow and expand in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Solwers’ growth strategy is based on

  • acquisitions, 
  • organic growth and
  • the Group’s attractiveness as a good employer for professionals in various fields and the continuous development of competence

The company aims to balance its sources of revenue so that about 50 percent of its revenue comes from public and infrastructure projects and the rest from other services.

Strategic strengths

Solwers’ strategy is based on acquisitions and organic growth, the company’s attractiveness as a good employer for professionals in various fields and the continuous development of competence. Solwers aims to continue its growth and expansion. Smaller acquisitions of subsidiaries may also be made to support local expertise and capacity. The new subsidiaries strengthen their own and other Solwers companies’ customer base and service portfolio.

Growth is supported by the megatrend of urbanization, which increases the construction of above ground and underground infrastructure. Business growth is also supported by the increasing emphasis on sustainability, the accelerated green transition in Europe, new circular economy projects and the EU’s introduction of stricter energy efficiency regulations. In addition, the maintenance backlog in society creates new business opportunities, and Solwers’ strategy and business model – which are based on cost-efficiency – is a good fit with these opportunities.

The Solwers operating model supports the Solwers companies’ different cultures, which increases job satisfaction while promoting innovation and creativity. Solwers also want to give employees the opportunity to learn and develop their skills together with fellow professionals in workplace communities of manageable size.

The level of investment varies from one year to the next and in different ways in different sectors. Public and private sector investments affect employment and profitability in the entire design and engineering sector, including Solwers. The expansion of the service portfolio and the diversification of the business and the geographical scope of operations through the Solwers companies provides balance and supports the achievement of the set targets.

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