The energy-efficient Original Sokos Hotel Royal opened – several Solwers companies involved in design and planning

An energy-smart hotel was opened in Vaasa on February 27, 2024, where both visitors and local residents can refresh themselves and be pampered.

Original Sokos Hotel Royal serves as an example of top-class energy saving solutions. The implemented solutions reduce the hotel’s dependence on traditional energy sources and significantly reduce the resulting carbon footprint. The most noticeable improvement is the energy center built in the basement with geothermal systems. District heating will only be used as support during the coldest times of the year. The energy of warm sewage water and condensate heat is also put to use. A large solar panel system has been installed on the facade of the property, the environmentally friendly energy it produces covers part of the hotel’s own electricity consumption. Intelligent lighting and air conditioning systems optimize energy consumption automatically, adjusting the lighting and temperature according to the use of the rooms.

The completely renovated property has also improved the accessibility of the facilities. In the future, elevators will go up to the renovated sauna and meeting floor, and the number of accessible accommodation rooms has increased.

Solwers company Polyplan, together with the client and developer, has been brainstorming the content of the project right from the project and draft design phase. In addition to the principal, architectural and interior design (Huippu spa facilities) carried out by Polyplan, the project utilized the wide-ranging know-how of other Solwers companies: Contria Oy has been responsible for the structural design of the site, Insinööritoimisto W. Zenner for the acoustic design, and Finnmap Infra has been consulted on rock construction issues.

In addition, a large number of other design and contracting professionals have been involved in the project.

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